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Åke Ohlmarks Erik Andersson Kamelen
(Bok IV, kapitel 1: Hur Sméagol tämjdes)
Slättäng  Tågvalla  Tåggärdet 
Tolkiens översättningsguide
Tighfield. This is intended to contain an old word for 'rope' (surviving in some of the senses of the modern English noun tie, in which the spelling is assimilated to that of the related verb tie). It was the site of a 'rope-walk' or rope-maker's yard. It would be best translated by some other word for 'rope' than that used in 'rope-walk'. Related are Icelandic taug and the word with various forms toug, tov, tog, in Danish and Norwegian; also nautical German (from Low German) tou.
Note that English 'rope-walk' seems to have been misunderstood by translators; certainly the Swedish, with en repbro över älven borta vid Slättäng. There is no mention of a river in my text (II 217; Swedish II 249). Nor is it easy to see why having a 'rope-bridge' over a river would beget an inherited knowledge in the family about the nature of ropes, and their making. The Dutch has touwbrug, which I suspect is also due to misunderstanding. I do not know the technical equivalent of 'rope-walk' in other languages: dictionaries give German Seilerbahn, and Danish reberbane, but these also are possibly mistaken? A 'rope-walk' (known in English since the seventeenth century) is so called because the ropes were stretched out in long lines over trestles at intervals.
The Swedish Slättäng and Dutch Weideveld do not, of course, translate Tighfield as above defined, and are probably mere contextual guesses. There is, however, another place-name element (peculiar to English) that has the same forms as the 'rope' word, though it is probably not related: in modern place-names tigh, teigh, tye, tey. This meant an enclosed piece of land, It does not occur as the first element in a compound. 
Tåg är den svenska motsvarigheten till det gamla ord för rep som Tolkien använt. Vilken synonym till fält man sedan använder för att översätta field är mer en fråga om tycke och smak.

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