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Åke Ohlmarks Erik Andersson Kamelen
(Bok II, kapitel 2: Elronds rådslag)
Skuggfaxe  Skuggfaxe  Skuggfaxe 
Tolkiens översättningsguide
Shadowfax. This is an anglicized form of Rohan (that is Old English) Sceadu-faex 'having shadow-grey mane (and coat)'. It does not actually occur in Old English. Since it is not Common Speech, it may be retained, though better so in a simplified form of the Rohan name: Scadufax. But since in the text this name has been assimilated to modern English (= Common Speech), it would be satisfactory to do the same in a Germanic language of translation, using related elements. Fax 'hair' is now obsolete in English, except in the name Fairfax (no longer understood). It was used in Old High German (faks) and Middle High German (vahs, vachs), but is, I believe, also now obsolete; but it could be revived in this name, as it is in the English text: for example Schattenvachs? Fax (faks) is still in use in Iceland and Norway for 'mane'; but 'shadow' has no exact equivalents in Scandinavian languages. The Dutch version has Schaduwschicht (shadow-flash), the Swedish Skuggfaxe 
Tolkien ger i sin utförliga förklaring goda anledningar att behålla Ohlmarks översättning "Skuggfaxe", trots att ordet "fax" inte existerar i modern svenska. (Men väl faks i norska!) Jag ser ingen anledning att frångå professorns instruktioner i det här fallet.

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