Tolkien Åke Ohlmarks Erik Andersson Kamelen
(Prolog, kapitel 3: Om hur Sysslet var organiserat)
Norborg  Norborg  Norborga 
Tolkiens översättningsguide
Norbury. Common Speech translation of Forn-ost. The form that Old English norð-burg would take in modern English place-names, meaning 'north (fortified) town'. Translate by sense, and by related elements in the language of translation when available. Similarly Nor-land '(belonging to) the north-lands', in this tale those regions envisaged in the action north of Rohan. The longer form Northerland (I 390) has the same reference. 
"Norborga" låter helt enkelt bättre än "Norborg", tycker jag. Framför allt flyter "Kungs Norborga" (min översättning av Kings' Norbury) mycket bättre än bara "Kungs Norborg".

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