Tolkien Åke Ohlmarks Erik Andersson Kamelen
(Bok III, kapitel 2: Rohans ryttare)
ent  ent  ent 
Tolkiens översättningsguide
Ent. Retain this, alone or in compounds, such as Entwives. It is supposed to be a name in the language of the Vale of Anduin, including Rohan, for these creatures. It is actually an Old English word for 'giant', which is thus right according to the system attributed to Rohan, but the Ents of this tale are not in form or character derived from Germanic mythology. Entings 'children of Ents' (II 78) should also be unchanged except in the plural ending. The Grey-elven (Sindarin) name was Onodrim (II 45). 
Jag tycker att "ent" (till skillnad från "hobbit") fungerar utmärkt som ett trovärdigt svenskt ord, varför jag gör Tolkien till viljes och behåller det som det är.

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